Work While Travelling Around The World

When travelling for business, not everyone has an overseas office where they can do some work while performing their duties in a foreign country or state. Many make do with their hotel rooms or available business centres in order to accomplish urgent tasks at hand. There are also modern cafes that comes with Wi-fi when the room becomes to suffocating and lonely. Then comes co-working space and the entire set-up is changing for people who are always travelling while working.

Business travellers are able to work efficiently because of the facilities offered by a co-working space. With the growing number of co-working spaces in the world, those who are planning to open one should think up of something unique to offer in order to attract people to stay in their co-working office. In Thailand, there is a co working space in Sukhumvit for people who are travelling for business while enjoying the touristy district. This only entails that wherever they might be in the world, there is always a co-working space nearby they can work in.

Thanks to third party sites, Kowkr and Coworker, that compiles existing co-working spaces worldwide, it is easy to track down the nearest one in your hotel or accommodation. These sites have ratings and reviews provided by previous users and the listing comes with prices as well. There are also networks of co-working spaces that are known in their respective countries.

Take The Hive for example which offers co-working spaces in countries such as Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City in Saigon and Hong Kong. The Hive is known to be leading co-working company in Hong Kong because it has co-working offices in six different locations.

Naked Hub, on the other hand, have a total of 20 co-working spaces located in Vietnam, China and Hong Kong. The one in Shanghai is located near the metro stop for Shanghai Library. For a fixed price, one has access to fast internet connection, shower, locker and meeting room.

LExC is another co-working company that has spaces located all over Australia, Singapore, United States, New Zealand, Brazil, Bali, London, Shanghai, Paris, Buenos Aires and Gdansk.

For the top tourist destination, Bangkok, visiting tourists can work comfortably at a co working space in Sukhumvit while enjoying the culture and food of the Kingdom.

Post Author: gerardksmith