Why A Bathroom Renovation Is Your Best Bet To Increase The Home’s Resale Value

Bathroom renovations provide the highest returns on investment. At much as 65 to 71 cents is recouped for every dollar spent on bathroom renovation. According to Houzz, Canadians spent an average of $23,300 on large bathroom remodeling projects. However, there are bathroom remodels that you have to consider carefully before you push through with the project.

Don’t just remove a bathtub or enlarge the bathroom by sacrificing a bedroom particularly if your plan is to sell the home. Sometimes a bathtub can be appealing to young families because they have a place to bathe a child. More bedrooms are also appealing to big families. Instead of removing fixtures, focus your attention to creating a spa-like environment that is very interesting to homebuyers.

Glass doors or frameless glass shower screens look better than shower curtains. As a building material, glass is not actually very expensive because it can cost less than $2,000 for a custom-fit glass door including hardware. It is certainly a bigger investment compared to a $50 curtain but it can easily create that spa-like ambiance.

It always pays off in the end if you hire professional bathroom fitters because of the quality of workmanship. Sometimes, they will pass on some of the discounts gained from local vendors. For example, a glossy-glass subway tile may cost $8.25 per square foot for a DIY homeowner but the same tile can cost less than $2 per square foot for a professional plumber.

Generally, bathrooms are the smallest rooms in the home. It makes sense to splurge on expensive tiles because it can add a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance including an increase in the resale value to the home. If you feel outrageous using marble in the countertops, opt for the porcelain tiles that mimic the look of marble for a fraction of the price.

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