Tonneau Cover Designed For Security

The major reason why people choose a pickup truck is because of its bed. Contrary to what others think, truck beds are preferred by many because of its usefulness such as carrying heavy loads, keeping all your gears when you go camping or even useful in moving furniture if you or someone you knows is moving to a new place. The main problem with this setup is that the truck bed is open. You can easily put your load inside but those with bad intentions can easily take them away too. This is why the manufacturers developed an answer to the problem – tonneau covers, bed box or camper shell.

The downside of choosing the bed box is that it can reduce the actual size of the truck bed. Camper is another option if you are just using your pickup truck to keep your camping gears or to have somewhere to sleep but it will not be suitable if you are going to load hard objects inside because it might suffer some damage. The only option left is the tonneau cover.

One of the most well known models is the BAKFlip G2 which is manufactured by BAK Industries and easy to install using basic hand tools. The cover is hard and leaves all the bed space to be used. Gears inside can be easily accessed through the side opening on the bed and there is a locking tailgate which ensures everything is protected from stealth.

Trucks equipped with plastic bedliner or spray-in bedliner should be compatible with the BAKFlip G2 and it will not present any form of interference. The tonneau cover was packaged securely and there is an instruction manual with complete details. The only tools you will need for the installation is a wrench that is 9/16 inch.

During installation, drilling is not necessary as the rails clamp will secure the tonneau cover. The cover’s panels as well as rails have a black powder coating which is UV resistant. This will protect the tonneau covers from scratches and it will not easily fade even if exposed to the sun constantly.

Post Author: gerardksmith