Three Tasks That Help You To Maintain Your Car In Good Condition

Most of the modern cars require very less service and maintenance and function well for years without any major servicing. But it is essential to conduct regular inspection to enhance the life of the vehicle and improve its curb value.

Here are some of the essential tips to keep your car in top shape for many years.

  1. Regularly the check the level of engine oil in the vehicle. Engine oil is essential to maintain the health of the engine and keep it functioning effectively. Check the engine oil and replace it regularly with a new one bought from a trusted auto parts dealer. Check for any leaks and have them fixed as soon as possible. Check the air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, exhaust system, transmission system, radiator and batteries of the vehicle, when you take it for regular engine checks.
  2. An important maintenance task that is missed by most vehicle owners is checking the tyre pressure regularly. Check the pressure once a month or before any long trip. The car owner’s manual will contain information about the recommended tyre pressure or you can also know it from internet by searching according to the model. Improper tyre pressure can cause defective braking, lack of grip and stability and decreases the fuel efficiency. Rotate the tyres regularly to maintain even wear and tear. Change the tyres when required. Invest in a good quality tyres and buy them from a reliable auto parts dealer.
  3. Wash the car at regular intervals. Washing the car once a week with a good car shampoo will help to remove the dirt and grime deposited on it. Washing helps to maintain the exterior of the car in good condition and also helps to improve the aesthetic looks of the vehicle which affect its curb value. Also clean the interiors of the car regularly. Vacuum the interior and wash away any spills.

These three steps will help you to maintain the car in good condition and improves its functioning and fuel efficiency. Remember to check for the credentials of the auto parts dealer, whenever you are replacing the parts of the vehicle like the batteries, braking system, engine oil etc.

Post Author: gerardksmith