Three Popular Nightlife Districts Of Bangkok

Bangkok is a popular tourist destination. Travellers from around the world, visit the city for its enigmatic nightlife. Whether enjoying at the upscale bars and restaurants in sukhumvit or experiencing the throbbing party scene at Khao san, there are many options. If you are a first time visitor to the city and wondering about the popular nightlife spots, here is a list of the best nightlife areas in Bangkok.

  • Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit is the most preferred and happening nightlife area of the city. Sukhumvit stretches for eighteen kilometres with small avenues called sois. The sois of sukhumvitare filled with hundreds of bars, go-go bars, restaurants, street food markets and night markets. Some of the popular red light districts of the city are also lie on the sukhumvit road. Tourists to Bangkok, who want to explore the nightlife of the city can stay at the 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit and enjoy the throbbing nightlife of the area. Sukhumvit is also popular for its classy and upscale nightspots. The rooftop bars which offer breath-taking views of the city are also the most tending party spaces in sukhumvit. The area is popular among the expat crowd of the city and the tourists.

  • Khao san

Khao san is popularly known as the mecca for backpackers. The down town area is quite close to the river. The area is popular among the young backpackers looking for cheap accommodation and entertainment. The streets of Khao san are filled with a number of bars and clubs. Visit c san to experience original party scene of the city. However, khao san does not have any luxury hotels. If you want to stay at a luxury hotel, book your stay with the 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit and visit Khao san to enjoy the nightlife. Khao san can be reached by bus, taxi, tuk-tuk or ferry.

  • Royal city avenue

Locally popular as the RCA, it is the popular party spot for the locals. RCA is the largest nightlife district in Bangkok and has a number of restaurants, nightclubs and bars. RCA is slowing gaining popularity with the tourists who wish to socialize with the locals. Tourists can stay at the 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit and visit RCA to enjoy nightlife as the local Thais do.

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