Things You Need To Know About Aluminium Extrusion

The technique of transforming aluminium alloy into certain objects of definitive cross-sectional profile for various purposes is called aluminium extrusion. The process of extrusion is the result of the combination of aluminium’s malleability, density and stiffness from its steel properties. Thus, you get a product that can be easily cast and machined without compromising its stability and strength especially when alloyed with other metal products. To understand aluminium better, take a look at how the process is done to arrive at the product.

  1. Design and create the shape of the die. After that, heat the aluminium alloy at 800°F-925°F in a cylindrical billet.
  2. After the aluminium alloy is heated, the aluminium billet is transferred to the loader. An amount of lubricant is added in order to prevent the components from sticking along the walls of the extrusion machine including its ram or handle.
  3. A substantial pressure would be applied to a dummy block with the use of a ram. The ram pushes the aluminium billet, into a separate container thereby pushing the aluminium billet through the die.
  4. In order to prevent the development of oxides, gaseous form or nitrogen in liquid is added. This allows the aluminium billet to flow freely into the different sections of the die. With this, a slow atmosphere is created and increases the life of the die.
  5. After the process, the aluminium extrusion passes through a run-out table. It comes out as an elongated piece with the same shape of the die opening. The product will then be pulled to the cooling table where it will be cooled by industrial fans.
  6. After the product is cooled, the extruded aluminium would be transferred to a stretcher where it will be straightened and hardened.
  7. The cooled and hardened aluminium extrusionwill be taken to the saw table and would be cut based on the required lengths.
  8. Lastly, in order to treat the aluminium extrusions, the product is heated in age ovens. The aluminium hardens out of speeding the process of aging.

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