The Top Reasons Why You Should Prefer A Thailand Liveaboard

Here are the top four reasons why you should choose a Thailand liveaboard as the best ways to go diving. When choosing a diving trip, the liveaboard can accommodate all the number of dives you do per day. Especially when you venture into the Similan dive spots, you can also meet those people who are also into diving. You can make yourself learn this diving sport and allow you to dive into deeper waters:

  • You Get to Do More Dives Per Day – Day trips will provide you two dives per day as it includes the trips going there and back. With the islands usually faraway, you can’t possibly do more dives in just a day. So what you need is a Thailand liveaboard to do more Similan diving safaris.


  • A Chance to Wake-up at Empty Dive Spots – When morning comes, you see the dive spots that no one else has been there. This is actually the right time to dive in the Similans. Especially that the islands have grown more popular among day trippers, you’ll find themsnorkelling and scuba diving here too. If you happen to have hired a liveaboard, you are the first ones to explore the seawater and actually see the undisturbed marine life.


  • Continue Your Diving Education – If you like to further learn scuba diving, you can go to the Similan Islands and resume your education there. You can get a number of dives each day, while spending quality time with a dive instructor. Evenings and the time between dives can make you refresh the theories you have learned from divers and instructors around you. If you practice scuba diving for some time, you can possibly enhance your experience and improve your capabilities.


  • Meet Like-Minded People – As you are able to travel on a Thailand liveaboard, you have greater chance to meet people of the same likings as yours. It’s a chance to bond with these people, learn more about scuba diving and have a great holiday. Most often, these people allow you to take their email addresses and become your Facebook friends.

The best experiences in scuba diving are learned when you hire a Thailand liveaboard. Here, you are provided with good advice and the best benefits on how and when to dive in the Similan seawaters.



Post Author: gerardksmith