The Importance Of Personalization In Events, According To Smart Cmos

A new global study has been conducted and it shows that event organizers, brand managers and chief marketing officers of this age has been giving more emphasis in the importance of personalization when it comes to providing experience to their customers during conference and event management. This is in an attempt to increase the number of their loyal clients.

The survey has about 1,000 marketing professional participants that are B2B (business-to-business) as well as consumer-oriented. They came from various parts of the globe such as Western Europe, Asia and North America. The survey was conducted by Freeman, specialists in global meetings and events, in partnership with SSI which is a provider of data solutions for researchers in the market.

The survey showed that 59 per cent of the chief marketing officer participants are aware that brand experience is important in order to create a loyal relationship with their target clients. They also indicated that they are investing more when it comes to live events. More than one out of three executives has indicated that they are allocating about 21 to 50 per cent of their funds in marketing brand experience within the next three to five years.

The executive vice president and CMO of Freeman, Chris Cavanaugh, said that marketers view brand experience as a very important factor when it comes to marketing. This is more evident nowadays than a few years back.

He also gave the report by Ad Age as an example. The report shows that brand experiences ranked as second on the list when it comes to marketing, following digital on the first place.

Cavanaugh added that their own research have shown that CMOs are putting more focus on brand experience as have been shown in their meeting planners. They think that it is the modern method of creating a relationship among clients who are not so accessible. It is a way for them to break the barrier of existing clutter. It also enables them to create a connection between the brands while building relationships. Specialists on conference and event management have now recognized the importance of live experiences and how it can help brands in ways other media cannot.

Post Author: gerardksmith