The Great Qualities Of Maps That Make Them An Invaluable Item To Own

VA – April 12, 2016 – Maps have been around for a long time. In fact, the oldest known map is actually older than Jesus and the Christian religion itself. Maps are considered as the most basic tool in navigation. People use maps to get around places and help them avoid getting lost or if ever that happens, help them find their way back.

Over the years, maps have become more and more accurate, possibly due to the great advancements in technology. They have become an invaluable item to have. Here are some great qualities of maps that make them an important necessity.

  1. They Chart Territory. One of the most important reasons why maps are invaluable is that they chart the territory and reveal what that place holds. When people are traveling to places they haven’t been to before, maps would help these people demystify that particular place and help them get around and make their way. Through maps, one would be able to make the right decisions in the right areas to go.
  2. They are descriptive. Maps have one clear purpose: to describe an area or location. That’s just how they are. They describe the area without putting a spin into it. No theories will be made, no different interpretations to think about, just a plain simple description to help you understand the map easier.
  3. They are highly memorable. One of the best things about maps is that they are highly memorable. You don’t have to be a genius to understand maps and remember them. In fact, maps are even more memorable if they make a creative impact on your mind. For example, you are looking at an illustrated map of Napa Valley, California. Since illustrated maps are meant to provide a creative and colorful illustration of a map, you would be able to easily remember the landmarks and the directions that the map had shared because it had created an impact on your mind.
  4. They indicate hazards. What’s good about maps is that whenever you travel or get lost, they always show you the best routes to take. They would indicate hazards to help inform you to stay away from that particular area.

Post Author: gerardksmith