The Challenges Of Relocating Across 2,500 Miles

It is very likely that you are moving the office because you are expanding. You need a bigger space for new employees that will be hired. Moving can be stressing but through furniture removals in Sydney, the move will be more organized and fast. No matter the distance of the relocation from the previous office to the new one, you are guaranteed a worry-free experience.

Emerald’s nut facilitywill be relocated from Stockton, California to Charlotte, North Carolina but they never expected to face serious challenges from freight and logistics expenses to higher than expected costs of relocation and disruptions to the service level. According to Alexander W. Pease, chief financial officer and executive vice president of Emerald plant, transition is challenging because they have to dismantle the facility in California and then ship everything across 2,500 miles or way across the country. When they reach Charlotte, they have to reassemble all the machineries and equipment.

During the course of relocation, the company has to upgrade the functions of the engineering team to achieve improvements in food safety, material handling, operating efficiencies and so forth. Once the plant is running, there will be significant improvement in operating margin performance from what was historically experienced when the plant was still operational in Stockton.

The inherent nature of plant relocation is certainly challenging but on top of that, the distance resulted into the loss of several employees. Limited amounts of the talent pool were retained meaning that the company has to build an effective talent pool from scratch. Because Emerald has engineered some complexities into the new plant, new capabilities must be learned like automated material handling and packing.

However, in spite of the challenges the company is convinced that they are making encouraging progress and that pressures will soon abate. Margins are expected to dramatically improve when the operating line reaches a normal level of efficiency.

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