The Best Time To Visit Thailand

Before you book your airplane ticket and find hotel promotions in Sukhumvit, it is recommended to check the weather before making a decision. Thailand is a country with tropical climate at the southern part of the country while the central part almost has the same weather. The north, on the other hand, can be susceptible to monsoon compared to southern Thailand.

The average temperature all throughout the year can be from 18 degrees C to 35 degrees C. The coldest months of the year starts in December until February. The warmest months, meanwhile, starts in April until June.

The south western monsoon usually arrives between the months of May until September or October. This is when the country experiences the most amount of rain. The weather can be gloomy with only 6 hours of daily sunshine. During this same time, majority of the rain is concentrated on the Andaman coast or the western side beaches.

The northeaster monsoon starts in November until April but the air can be drier. This is when the coolest months are experienced by cities located in the north such as Chiang Mai. Temperature can be as cold as 13 degrees C while the maximum can reach 29 degrees C.

The east coast experiences the most rain from September until December which affects the islands of KohPhangan and KohSamui. This is why south beaches are recommended as they are not affected by the rain all throughout the year.

For those planning to visit Bangkok, the coldest months starts in November until February once the monsoon has subsided and before the heat comes in the month of March. The hottest months are April until June. The rain will most likely come in the middle of June just in time to help the plants bloom.

Take note of the weather and determine which part of Thailand you will be visiting. Once you have decided, it is best to find hotel promotions in Sukhumvit in order to save money which can be allotted in other things such as shopping or experiencing the delicious Thai cuisine.

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