The 4 Key Facets Required To Create Outstanding Website Designs

According to a recent analysis in 2013, there were more than 750 million active websites. In 2017, that number would surely have crossed 1 billion. With all this traffic, one can only wonder as to how to attract customers to their websites, and to stand apart from the rest. Of course, marketing for the website and search engine optimization will definitely be able to help bring in the clients. But the next question raised is how to ensure that the customers stay on the website and check out all the options provided. The answer here is efficient website design such as that offered by professional website design companies such as Studiobkk.  Efficient website designs can help convert more incoming viewers into customers, and help drive sales up with respect to the competition. Here are a few of the ways in which companies like Studiobkk can help create better websites by tying in compatible and outstanding UI and UX elements.

  • Originality: The motto here is to be creative, but to be smart while being creative. It can be shown that allowing customers to physically interact with the website, or inspiring chords of nostalgia in them can create better human-computer interaction.
  • Simplicity: If a website’s UI is too complex for a customer to understand at first glance, his natural instinct will point him to a competitor’s website, leading to loss of revenue on the first website’s part. A few ways to combat this are to ensure that the website can be easily navigated, the use of unfamiliar words are suppressed, and short clear sentences are used to entice users to delve further into the website’s pages.
  • Consistency: This is all about the vibe that a website presents. If the vibe is different across the different sites of the company, incoming customers will be irked. Instead if a similar design flow is used across all the webpages, the customer will feel comfortable and at home with the websites.
  • User-friendliness: Most content for websites is targeted for SEO, but this is the worst type of content for the user of the website to read. Content should be written in a conversational tone with the user to attract the user to stay on the websites. Also, since a majority of people now use smartphones to do their browsing, companies should also look to invest in a mobile-friendly design for their websites.

Post Author: gerardksmith