Study Shows Drastic Reduction In Population Of Insect

A recent study has been conducted by experts in Germany and they found out that the population of insect in the country has drastically decreased. The resulting data has proven to be alarming and researchers said that there will be undesirable consequences in the crop production all over the globe. This will also impact the natural ecosystem. While it is the goal of pest control in Sydney to reduce the population of pests, insects are considered to be essential in the natural cycle.

The study was published in PLOS One, a journal reviewed by peers, and it tackles the nature reserves in Germany. The number of flying insects in the area has unfortunately decreased by over 75 per cent in a period of almost three decades.

The scientific study was conducted with the combined effort of the Entomological Society Krefeld based in Germany and researchers from the RadboudUniversity which is located in Netherlands. The study states that the entire community of flying was almost erased from the face of the earth in just three decades.

Insect diversity and their abundance are essential because the lack thereof will negatively impact the food webs and in the end the ecosystem will be jeopardize.

Caspar Hallman, the co-author of the study, along with his co-workers is quite alarmed with the result of the study they have conducted.

The locations they focused on are not even agricultural spaces but rather spaces that were designed to help preserve the natural diversity. In the end, they did not notice that these insects are slowly declining before their very eyes.

Tanya Latty, a researcher and an entomology teacher at the Sydney University, said that they have since studied individual species and noticed the decline in their population but there are very limited studies wherein the focus is the entire population of insects.

She added that this study was able to zoom out into the entire flying insect population. This is essential as other parts of the world will be encouraged to assess their own ecosystem. Businesses that are providing pest control in Sydney should be mindful of the chemicals they use and make sure it does not contribute in insect reduction.

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