South Surrey Welcome Antique Collector

People who are looking for antiques should check out Los Angeles ads for unexpected finds. Those living in South Surrey, on the other hand, will be able to get antique from a dealer who recently relocated to the area. The dealer used to be an officer of RCMP and a reality TV star. He decided to move his business near the southern part of Surrey. His relocation entails him moving along with a warehouse full of antiques.

Scott Landon, the professional antique collector, said that his warehouse located in Campbell Heights might look like an attic of a grandma but it is far from it. Inside, one can see immediately the colored banner of a circus act. It measures 8.6 by 13 foot and it features Carter the Great, an act known in 1915.

The piece is hanging proudly at his warehouse called Scott Landon Antiques. It was created between 1900 and 1936. It is used to promote one of the most popular magicians back then, Carter the Great. The total worth of the antique banner is $7,500.

It was 25 years ago when Landon got fascinated with antiques and started collecting them. It started out as a hobby and beginning in 1999, he turned dealing antiques into full time work. There are many items in his collection such as lightening, architectural elements, folk art, signs, furniture and decorative objects.

For 18 years, he was the owner of an antique store in Granville Street located in Vancouver. On October of this year, he decided to relocate in South Surrey.

He was given a national recognition because of his talent in perusing antiques. This is after joining a television show back in 2014.

Landon said that he may not have invented something new and he may not be the smartest in the world but he is proud of his inventory. According to him, nothing can compare to his current collection of antique furniture. It’s not just antiques and vintage but he considers his collection as an architectural and an art.

Locals wishing to start their own antique collection should start by browsing the Los Angeles ads for listings. Landon, on the other hand, gathers most of his collections from North America.

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