Solution To Hotel Rooms Problem With Noise Pollution

Not all hotels and motels are situated in a quiet and peaceful location. Some are built close to city walks, noisy streets, airports, highways and train tracks. This is when they are faced with the challenge to minimize the external noise that is entering the room. After all, guests expect to have a peaceful and relaxing stay inside the guest rooms. While the automatic solution would be to use sound proof glass, it is not the most practical at all time.

This is why solutions are created for the hospitality industry to answer the problem with noise pollution that is entering through the door and windows. The solutions aim to avoid the need to conduct a major renovation or to replace existing structures. Some of these solutions are already practiced in various accommodations all over the world.

According to a study, 90 per cent of the outside noise is penetrating the room via the windows which contradicts the belief of many that is passes through the walls. Window replacement is not the end solution to this problem because double pane or triple pane windows do not guarantee a noiseless room. These are not designed to be used as sound proof materials but they are ideal as insulation from external temperature.

There are hotel managements that decided to seek help from soundproofing companies. These are the same firms that are employed in installing products to ensure an environment that demands noise to be eliminated like recording studios.

First option would be to create a second window that is positioned in front of the current ones. The inner window prevents noise from entering just as long as the right noise barrier is used such as laminated glass. The inner layer should have plastic to lessen the sound vibrations.

Aside from using sound proof glass, noise coming from sliding doors can be eliminated by the following the same technique. Installing a second door but the mounting should be located on the current sliding door. This soundproofing technique also contributes in the energy saving measures of the company as it adds insulation. This is a more practical alternative to replacing the actual windows and doors.

Post Author: gerardksmith