Riding A Bus From Bangkok To Koh Samui For A Vacation

If you’re travelling to Thailand for a holiday and coming with a tight budget, we can offer you good information on how to get to the islands especially Samui. The best ways to travel down south of Thailand is either by plane or overnight train. You can have yourself booked in advance with a travel agency or buy the ticket directly from the Bangkok airport. You can also travel by bus from Bangkok to KohSamui, which may take long hours to travel down south. The trip can definitely save you money, though somehow it can be uncomfortable.

If you travelled by train, you’ll reach Surat Thani around 5 to 6am the following day. When you arrive at the station, you have to buy a bus and boat ticket on your way to Samui. It’s not possible though to book a ticket in advance, but service booths can make an arrangement for trips that you like. A train ticket which will take you to the pier will cost you around 1000 baht depending on the transfers you choose. You will then reach Don Sak Pier where you are ferried for an hour to KohSamuiisland.

Taking the taxi may not be an economical choice if you’rehere especially with the rising cost of petrol. However, it’s the most convenient way to reach this side of the island. If you like to be booked in one of Samui’s prestigious hotels, you can visit an online hotel reservation site that brings many offers. You can also ride a bus from KohSamui to reach Chumphon. The trip will take you around six hours where you can transfer to a high speed catamaran on your way to Koh Nang Yuan. The fare will cost you about 1000 baht each way.

If you’re out for adventure and definitely want to save money, you can ride a bus from Bangkok to KohSamui for about 800 baht. You’ll be seated in a couch for 12 to 13 hours, and upon reaching KohSamui, you’ll be transferred to a minivan and a ferry boat. If you want to enjoy your vacation in KohSamui, travel here during the dry season between March to June.

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