Residents Complaining About Damage Done After The Tuggerah Upgrade

Yaldeeme Close, a cul-de-sac located near the Tuggerah intersection, will be a hotspot for Central Coast roof repairs, as residents cry foul over the damage that has appeared following the renovations.

The citizens of the small cul-de-sac had to tolerate choking dust, traffic redirections, and loud construction noises for the duration of the AU$84M upgrade for the Tuggerah intersection, which took nearly two whole years.

But, following that, residents of Yaldeeme Close began to saw damage occurring to their homes and their driveways, and are set to take their complaints to the court. The residents are looking to ensure that any damage they receive is repaired by Roads and Maritime Service, alongside Seymour Whyte Constructions, their major contractor.

A lot of the residents reported damage of some form to their homes, ranging from small cracks, to moving foundations, to entire sections of wall shifting around. One young couple even had their swimming pool tilted for months, after stormwater junctions for the construction led to holes being dug near their home.

Few of the residents dared to go on record about the issue, though, fearing that it might lead to negotiations with the RMS and Seymour Whyte Constructions regarding repairing and/or compensating for the damages done, meaning that they would have to contact Central Coast roof repairs and handle it themselves.

A resident revealed that one of the contractors had told her that the damage to her home was caused by a branch, which she dismissed, saying that she would know if something like that happened.

Another issue from the construction was the air vents installed in the ceilings of the nearby homes, which, according to the residents, had no filters, which resulted in a lot of dust coming into their houses.

The $84M upgrade included the removal of the roundabout, the installation of new traffic lights, increasing the width of the intersection to three lanes, and the duplication of the bridge over the rail line.

The Tuggerah intersection sees an average of 55,000 vehicles daily, and has been ranked within the top 101 of the NRMA’s most accident prone areas.

A spokesperson for the RMS stated that they had already been contacted by the Yaldeeme Close residents about the damage, and were working on finding out more about the damages.

Post Author: gerardksmith