Removable Decals Offered By Local Company In Vancouver

With the advent of modern decoration, it is easier for people to express their individual preference and personality through design. Several decades ago, everyone would be aiming to have the same style and would be happy to get the same design as everyone else in order to conform to the society. Nowadays, our designs are based partly on our personal preference and we look for brands and decorations that will express who we are.

It was 2007 when a local graphic designer decided to become a stay at home mom and was then able to establish her own business. Danielle Hardy founded Urbanwalls has become a to-go place for people who are searching for unique type of decorations that can be found inside the spaces of the company. Say goodbye to traditional wallpaper as the company was able to design new wall decals that can be applied easily. All you have to do is peel the back and stick it on the walls where you want the new design to go. The good news is that the wallpaper can be moved and relocated with ease. The company has a huge library when it comes to wall decals designs and clients can also request a custom design of their choosing.

The brand is currently in collaboration with a number of local artists such as Monika Hibbs, Leah Alexandra and Erin Sousa. All of their creations are also available for sale.

Hardy shared that in 2009, she was looking for creative outlet after giving birth to her second son. She has 10 years of experience in graphic design and in print. It was when she decided to make a few decals using only a large cutter she has sitting on their garage. She listed a number of the wall decals through Etsy and when she sold her first wall decal, that’s when she thought to invest in vinyl.

Hardy describes her art as freeform and it is the basis of her company. In Australia, it is also common to see Sydney signs that are wall decals catered to the need of the business or company.

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