Pizza Restaurant In Melbourne Says Goodbye To Uber EATS

The ride-sharing Uber is slowly taking business from the courier company in Melbourne and it has branched out as UberEATS. There seems to be trouble in paradise as a pizza business in Melbourne decided to stop using the platform. This is because of the high commission rate they charge which can reach up to 35 per cent. The pizza business thinks that they can no longer maintain paying the charge for delivery services provided by Uber EATS.

Aside from the rate, the business is also receiving a lot of heat from customers who are not satisfied with the service that UberEATS provide.

The pizza business is known as Pizza Religion and currently has five branches all over Melbourne and Geelong. The director of the business, Matt Hunter, said they decided to stop using UberEATS. It was only a year ago when his stores located in Hawthorn, Malvern and Armadale started using the platform.

Hunter said that they originally decided to use the platform because of the amount of deliveries they receive and Uber said they would only charge a flat rate of 22 per cent. They have since increased it to 30 per cent but lately they have been asking to raise it to 35 per cent.

Pizza Religion has a high volume of deliveries everyday and they previously had their own delivery service. Hunter said that they are going to explore other options since the rate with UberEATS is not sustainable for the entire business.

They may be able to deal with the rate but complaints from customers regarding the Uber service is another headache for them. This is something they don’t have control over. Hunter said that they are not the only one who is experiencing complaints from customers due to the delivery platform. Other businesses in the hospitality industry are also talking about the poor service.

When it comes to their products, businesses choose the best courier company in Melbourne for shipping thus they only expect their delivery platform to give their best. As of the moment, Pizza Religion is searching for new options for the improvement of the overall business.

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