Physical Shop Launched By Meal Delivery Service In Virginia Beach

With the legalization of same-sex marriage in Australia, a lot of companies offering catering in Sydney are hoping for business to pick up. Boxed Gourmet, on the other hand, is currently feeling the growth despite being located in Virginia Beach. The meal delivery service started in Hampton Roads two years ago and it is currently undergoing expansion.

It was September 2016 when Boxed Gourmet started their delivery service and they initially focused solely on customers residing in Virginia Beach. Before 2016 ends, they are already reaching customers all over Southside.

November of 2017 was a big step for the company as they opened their very first physical store inside the shopping centre of Cypress Point located in Virginia Beach. The latest news with the company for 2018 is that they are expanding their services to other areas such as Williamsburg and Peninsula.

Jones said that the concept started when he and her wife, Christine, got so busy with work that they are struggling to serve healthy food for their kids and themselves. As of the moment, Jones and Christine are full time employees who hire six employees working full time for them. On average, they are serving around 2,200 meals weekly.

Boxed Gourmet was originally an deliver service that offer a la carte dinner but they have to expand in order to meet the demands of their growing customer base.

There are latest additions to their delivery options – the corporate catering and fitness menu subscription. The fitness menu is intended for fitness buffs as well as athletes in order to meet their daily nutritional needs. This is available in a weekly subscription with options of 10, 12 and 14 boxed meals delivered.

The corporate catering offered by Boxed Gourmet is geared towards corporate lunches which can cover parties with a minimum of ten guests and a maximum of 200 guests. There is many other catering in Sydney but Boxed Gourmet is standing out because of the personalization offered with each order. Companies can choose from packages with different vegetables, proteins and choices for side dishes.

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