Oval Office Got A Makeover From New President

On the very first day of Donald Trump on the White House, he decided to give a makeover to the well-known Oval Office and there were noticeable fresh gold trim added.

Trump was sworn into Presidency at noon of January 20 and he invited reports into the Oval Office for the very first time that very evening where they noticed the obvious changes in the room starting from the floor and into the ceiling. His first acts as the new president of the United States include signing an executive order as well as other important paper works that requires his attention.

During Obama’s term, there was a circular rug with quotes that takes up most of the space inside the room. The rug features quotes that are dedicated to the former presidents of the country and these are located in the lining of the rug’s perimeter. It was no longer there when the reporters arrived but it was replaced by a golden rug that is surrounded by garland on the edges which resembles the sunburst designed rug that George W. Bush chose during his term.

The curtains used to be crimson and those were also replaced by gold ones. There were few furniture that were different than what Obama used but what remained for sure is the Resolute Desk that has been used been various presidents for the past decades.

The famous bust of Winston Churchill which Obama decided to remove during his term was back and it is in display as chosen by Trump. It can be remembered that many citizens are not happy about the decision of Obama to remove the bust of the British prime minister who is loved by the American people. This disproved the rumour that Obama returned the bust to the British Embassy which he denied clarifying that he just moved it so he can display Martin Luther King Jr.’s bust instead.

The MLK bust is still on a small desk inside the Oval Office as of today. Just like a business replaces their office chair in Auckland when it is starting to age, the president is also given the same right by the Congress upon approval. The president may also use his own money to buy furnishings should he desire.

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