Nimble Launches Free Add-Ins For Microsoft Office 365 And Outlook

The job of handling Customer Relations Management can be difficult, with all of the e-mails, messages, and reports to tackle, not to mention the amount of information about the contact needed for proper interaction. Being able to communicate in real-time is essential, but can also be a hassle, nevertheless any CRM Consultant will mention the need to be able to respond to customer needs with good knowledge of them and their needs, as soon as possible.

For CRM companies everywhere, there is some good news. Nimble, a company with expertise in the providing of Marketing and Social Sales CRM-related products,has recently released Nimble Smart Contacts.

Nimble Smart Contacts is a freemium add-in for several platforms: Microsoft’s Office 365 and Outlook Desktop, and Apple’s iOS. The software is designed to deliver social business insight to the people and companies that need it as quickly as possible; it synchronizes individual emails, contacts and calendars into one, shared, team relationship manager for use with Office 365 and Outlook, accessible wherever the individuals may work.

Nimble released a statement, showing what their new add-in would include for Outlook:

  • Live Profiles from team, alongside management of personal e-mails, contact lists, calendars, social engagements and appointments;
  • Social Contact Profile Match, complete with detailed information on the contact and the company;
  • Contact Insights, used in the aforementioned Social Contact Profile Match, which shows the contact’s name, company, title, location, biography, work experience, education, and even social identities;
  • Company Insights, used similarly to Contact Insights, which show company biography and history, employee numbers, company details, revenue, CEO identity, contact information and address;
  • Engagement tracking, reporting, as well as functionalities that allow for the assignment of follow-up tasks, among other features aimed at improving personal and team productivity;
  • Multichannel support, which allows access to the software’s data via multiple platforms; the Web via Chrome, Safari and Firefox plug-ins, or in Web applications such as Skype and Microsoft Teams, plus e-mail access for computer users, both Mac and Windows, on top of an iOS and Android mobile app for mobile users.

Nimble’s CEO, Jon Ferrara, released a statement, taking the role of a CRM Consultant, saying that the biggest issue with business communication is a lack of knowledge about a person and/or their company, and what they do. He says that Nimble’s re-imagined relationship management with their new add-in, which provides crucial contact information through a number of platforms.

Post Author: gerardksmith