Natchez Historic Home Roof Repairs Provided By SNAP Grant

Natchez, Mississippi – April 9, 2015 – It is very hard to conduct a roof restoration especially if one is unable to work. This is the case of Angela Singleton, a 56-year old woman living in Natchez. For two decades, she worked at the oldest hotel in Natchez as a desk clerk in the restaurant and as a director of sales. But now, Singleton is partially blind which renders her unfit to work. A heart attack as well as three strokes was the primary cause of her partial blindness.

Singleton lives in a historic 1890 Natchez home on a limited income which makes her unable to afford the necessary repairs needed for her home. Because of this, her house had fallen into a state of disrepair with the roof having wide holes which makes it very difficult when it is raining. She would have to move her furniture to avoid them getting wet.

Singleton wanted to do something about her house that is why she sought various agencies to help her out. That was when she stumbled upon the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas and its Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP). This program will provide people with special needs and a qualified income with a grant that would assist the repairs and modifications needed in their house.

FHLB Dallas, through its member institutions that included the Home Bank in Natchez, was able to help Singleton with her home’s repairing needs.
During her application, Ms. Singleton had travelled to the city hall where she met with the community development director, James Johnston, who helped her receive a grant worth $4,362 which she had used to conduct repairs on her home.

Johnston said that they were very happy to have helped Ms. Singleton especially since her house was located in the historical part of Natchez. She acknowledged her incapacity to have her house repaired and thanked FHLB Dallas, the local Home Bank and the city itself for helping her out.

Since SNAP was first established in 2009, about $9.2 million had already been awarded to about 1,846 families. It has become a benefit to many families and can be relied upon by those who are incapacitated to have their own house repaired.

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