Marc Hill’s Coffee Shop And African American-Inspired Bookstore

People who have a vast collection of novels whether fiction, action or historical requires solid oak bookcases as protection against damages. It is very easy for book pages to be torn or crumpled when they are not stored properly. Aside from the books, the bookcase can serve as a place to display accent pieces and creative works.

A noted author, professor and social commentator has recently entered the world of entrepreneurship through a new coffee shop and bookstore in Philadelphia. Marc Lamont Hill has officially opened Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books in Philadelphia’s Germantown section. The store serves LaColumbe coffee, hot chocolate, gourmet tea, sandwiches, soups, desserts and pies provided by Black vendors.

Germantown Avenue is predominantly African-American. Hill decided to open a coffee shop and bookstore in the area because he was exposed to African-American authors during his youth. Books developed his sense of identity and taught him a different curriculum from what the school gave. According to African American Literature Book Club, there are less than 60 bookstores owned by Blacks in the country because of less consumer demand and the popularity of online retail sites.

People are looking for places where they can feel a connection with other people. Hill invested $250,000 to turn a former daycare center to a suitable space that will satisfy his requirements. The shop offers a comfortable environment with its modern seating and well-curated shelves of books. Since coffee shops are a booming business, Hill developed a business model that taps into the coffee market as well as consumers who love to read books. Both coffee and books can bring people together.

Hill also wanted to build something for the community because it has served him well and his life has become better. He wanted a place for the next generation that enjoyed reading books while drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

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