Impact Of Cool Roofs To The Environment

It is expected that the cool roof technology will be a big hit in California but many scientists are concerned about the high number of homeowners and businesses planning to adapt the technology. They said that this could cause a higher level of pollution in the ozone as well as contribute to the increase in fine particulate. The cool roof technology is also starting to influence the market of roofing in Sydney as everyone is hoping to have cooler summers while using less of their air conditioning systems.

According to a study conducted by researchers from South Coast Air Quality Management District together with the University of Southern California, the UV light reflected by majority of cool roofing materials is higher compared to traditional roofing materials. The interactions between the UV light and the pollutants while in the atmosphere could lead to the creation of ozone. The UV light which is then reflected back brings twice the amount of ozone.

According to Wayne Nastri who is the executive officer of SCAQMD, there are many advantages to using cool roofs such as less energy consumed by cooling systems and prevention of the possible health hazards brought about by heat waves.

He added the widespread utilization of selected cooling roof materials could contribute to the air pollution but the scientists are not discouraging the public from using the technology since it has been pointed to be a major help in lessening the island effect of urban heat.

The study reveals what can be done in terms of cooling as well as prevents the increase in levels of the ozone since it is a consequence that can’t be avoided.

The scientists have clarified that there is a way to avoid ozone production by following the roofing standard. This will be applied to new installation of cool roofs.

For those who are planning to undergo roofing in Sydney, there are options for cool roofing materials that have the same UV or even less. Given that the study was conducted in another place, the same could not be said in Australia and other parts of the world.

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