How Signage Can Be Used In The Development Of Urban Communities

It is very common to see different types of signage in urban communities because it is one of the more affordable options for marketing. Businesses must never overlook the power of graphic design that makes use of images, words and graphic forms to convey the message of a brand. Sometimes, the impact of a signage is so subtle but if you take a second look; it literally transforms a certain area in unexpected ways.

For example, in a parking garage, there must be clear signage so that visitors will know where to park, where they can pay and where they can find the exit. Signage helps them remember where they left their cars. In public works, the traditional approach is to add more signs so that people will not be confused. However, a creative graphic designer will not only use words but will add colour, images and forms to convey a message.

At the Ponce City Market, graphics were used to enhance customer experience from the parking garage to the food hall and shops. Playful images of a car tell drivers where they can find the correct ramps while images of bicycles shows where bikes can be parked. Colourful arrows’ and welcoming messages are used to guide visitors from the parking garage to adjacent retail stores.

However, the parking garage is only a start of the journey through graphics because graphic design is effectively integrated throughout the building’s architecture. Bright orange graphics are used to catch attention and express the market’s identity.

Cities have begun to realize the importance of graphic design in urban planning in addition to traditional signage to make a street lively and to bring attention to the planning process. For projects where the main goal is attract attention to infrastructure improvements, smart graphic elements are very important to manage the interaction with consumers.

Nothing beats signage when it comes to enhancing brand image. If you are just starting the business, your best option is signage in Earlwood, Sydney that can adapt the signage to your brand’s personality and character. A creative signage does not only attract attention; it encourages a consumer to walk into the store.

Post Author: gerardksmith