How Pest Control In Sydney Can Exterminate Cockroaches

The negative side of Sydney summer is having lots of cockroaches. So this will need you to contact a pest control in Sydney for extermination.

In Sydney, you find lots of species of cockroaches, which include the Australian, the American, the German and native species.

German cockroaches tend to dwell in hot, moist spots like the kitchen, bathroom, in the cupboards, and sometimes in and under electrical appliances. They tend to eat anything whereas the Australian cockroach feed on leftover food, and are often visible around garbage and pet food bowls.

According to the Australian Museum, native species of cockroaches are less likely to come inside the house and become serious pests.

So what can be done?

  • Sprays, bombs and baits: You see a lot of variety in hardware store and in the supermarket. You need a plan on how to treat the infestation like calling a pest control in Sydney for extermination.


  • The natural approach: You can still use the no-insecticide application. You can utilize an essential oil based repellent or sticky bait. They are useful to drive away cockroach distribution.


  • For essential oils – peppermint, Cyprus and tea tree have all been recommended to prevent cockroaches and make your home smell good.


  • Borax and an onion: You can innovate a homemade cockroach bait using borax or boric acid and the humble onion. If you don’t want to consume a whole onion, you can slice them into bits. Also note that boric acid is harmful to humans and animals so do it with extra caution.


  • Promote an ecological system: Cockroaches have their natural predators like the spider. If you kill household spiders, it may tend to increase the number of pest infiltration. So rather than taking their life as they can be an eyesore, use them in a better way to eliminating some pests. You may also spare the lives of lizards which can possibly feed on household cockroaches.


  • Hit them with a shoe: Your reflexes in killing cockroaches may be used to kill cockroaches. If you find one, you may need to remove your shoe or slipper and kill the menace. You may also want to use magazines and rolled up newspapers as popular weapons.

These are tips you can use when you plan the extermination of cockroaches on your own. For better results, just contact pest control in Sydney for assistance.

Post Author: gerardksmith