How Credit Card Companies Use Artificial Intelligence

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One of the perks of having a credit card is the free points that can be redeemed for travel, dining, shopping or gift cards. However, do you know that credit card companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) to convince consumers to use the points accumulated so that they will spend more and become more loyal to their card provider.

Companies used records of past purchases to offer you items associated with the purchase. For example, if you bought a tennis racket from Amazon, it very likely that you will receive ads that encourages you to buy tennis balls. Credit card companies are doing things a little differently.

Banks and credit card providers use other measurements that are not associated with a particular type of consumer behaviour as predictors. They have in their hands the most intimate details of a consumer’s spending like how much is spent every month on a particular category and the merchants that the consumer prefers to shop with. Sometimes, there is also information on what hotel rooms were selected or airline tickets.

If the credit card company saw you shop at Apple, it is going to send you ads of Apple products. Even if you have not previously shopped with Apple, if you fit an Apple customer because of your purchasing habits, you can be the target of similar ads.

Credit card companies use big data and artificial intelligence to predict where a person will spend money. Customers will get targeted for a particular offer based on their spending behaviours. The more money spent by a consumer, the more offers he tend to receive.

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