For A Wedding Venue, Utilize Marquee Hire In Melbourne

Is your wedding coming soon? Have you thought about using a marquee hire in Melbourne for your venue? It can really be a great option when you have a marquee for a venue. It brings more advantages of using a marquee, like having it installed anywhere where the surface allows it. If you like the marquee assembled, you can put it up in a lawn, field or any big space. There really is no restriction as to where you want it installed. You can even have it in a patio, yard or other concrete surface so long as it is safely and securely installed and the structure is in place. If you have considered a marquee for your venue, you may want to look at the flooring, linings, lighting and windows:


You may want to leave the ground inside the marquee bare. You allow your guests to walk on the surface it’s erected be it concrete or grass. Events like garden parties, charity gatherings and low key functions will suit this type of marquee. For weddings or anniversaries, it may be a great idea to choose some form of matting or carpet.


Linings of a marquee are extras which hang from the walls and ceilings like drapes. It also improves the visual effects of the marquee hire in Melbourne and make it grander. The marquee will have a typical colour of ivory white and can be swarmed with colourful valances or swags to match the theme of the newlyweds. This marquee type will suit grand weddings.


Traditional marquees don’t have window sections, but if you like you can settle for marquees that have it. You can always opt for a marquee hire in Melbourne that can incorporate walls and window sections for a better view from the inside of the marquee. You will then have privacy and can have an air-conditioning installed making everyone more comfortable in this set up. This make a stunning wedding venue or for other functions that must be kept private. Clients can also opt to personalize a marquee setup.

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