Fashion Trend Today, Gone Tomorrow


A friend of yours travelled to Thailand and gifted you with an embroidered shirt. It is very likely that the embroidery was made through embroidery supplier in Bangkok that is known for high quality. Even if embroidery is an old art, it is still popularly used today because it adds some class and sophistication to a simple garment.

The trends in the fashion industry today include trend-heavy clothing with cheap prices. Because of marketing and commercialization in the fashion industry, the market has been transformed into a $3 trillion global industry. From 2000 to 2014, production of clothing has doubled with 100 billion garments produced every year. The fashion industry has certainly become a very lucrative business but it is also considered as the dirtiest.

The clothing industry ranks second among the largest industrial polluters. The first is oil production. Aside from pollution in freshwater resources, the industry also contributes about 3% of the global carbon dioxide emissions. Meanwhile, the fashion industry is characterized by over consumption because of the insatiable demand of consumers for the latest trend. Over consumption has a devastating effect on the planet which must be reversed.

According to SasibaiKimis of Fashion Revolution, it is important to be careful with how clothes are produced, sourced and consumed. At Fashion Revolution Week, Kimis also said that “revolution” means understanding the actual human and environmental costs of fast fashion and taking the right action.

Malaysian consumers have low awareness on the impact of fashion to the planet. Their purchasing decision is still heavily influenced by cheaper prices and brand name. This is largely attributed to fast fashion, an industry phenomenon that begun in 2000 where the fashion industry produced high volume and low cost clothing models. Clothing in the market is expedited as quickly and as cheaply as possible but it has taken its toll on the environment and natural resources.

On the other hand, embroidered clothing is not fast fashion because they are expensive and time consuming to create. Even with the presence of embroidery supplier in Bangkok and embroidery machines, the process is still difficult and requires skills and expertise.

Post Author: gerardksmith