Do Home Extensions Deliver The Best Returns On Investment?

Almost a year ago, Zopa told homeowners that home improvements can add an average of £30,000 to their home’s value. However, you certainly don’t need to spend too much because you might not get a decent return on investment when you sell the home. There is practically a wide range of minor and major improvements that can be made from structural renovations to cleaning up the property.

With latest housing market reports showing that the market is slowing down, homeowners could add significant value to their homes by looking for ways to improve instead of moving. With record low borrowing rates, home improvements can be cost effective to add value to a property for the long term.

An extension can add space to a property. The government has recently relaxed planning rules in home extensions. Traditionally, home owners were only allowed to add single-floor extensions up to 3 meters in depth in the case of an attached property and 4 meters in a detached property without requiring planning permission. These distances have doubled until May 2016 to 6 meters and 8 meters respectively. However, this works only after consultations with neighbors with no objections.

When building a two-story extension, the traditional 3 meter and 4 meters still apply and the extension must not be closer than 7 meters to the rear boundary. The roof of the extension must not measure more than 4 meters in height and it should not protrude above the existing roof line or beyond the front elevation. Furthermore, extensions including outbuildings must not cover more than one half of the garden area.

A conservatory can provide extra room but it means giving up a portion of garden space. Unlike extensions, conservatories do not require planning permission as long as they are not more than one half of the area of the land that the original house covers. It is also exempt from rules on structure and fire safety if at least one half of the new wall and ¾ of the roof is made from glazed or translucent material.

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