Development In Glass Balustrades Give More View, With Less Posts

With developments in construction and architecture coming in as fast as they are, it’s no surprise that even fixing glass balustrade on decking would get its own share of upgrades.

Surrey-based company Balconette, which specializes in glass balustrade on decking, will be releasing a new, cutting-edge system they designed for glass-walled balconies this Spring season. Appropriately dubbed HYBRID, this new classification of balustrade sits comfortably between the two traditional choices of post-supported and frameless glass. This new style offers the open views reminiscent of frameless glass, all without sacrificing the cost and convenience of the much older post-supported style.

The new category offers the wide view of frameless glass via invisible bracing complemented with a cleverly-designed self-supporting handrail. The design requires little in the way of vertical support, but also doesn’t compromise on structural integrity. Glass balustrade made in the HYBRID style can be built up to 4 meters in height, taller in corners and curved areas, with a three-sided balustrade square capable of going for 12 meters without a post.

As mentioned before, the new HYBRID style does not sacrifice the ease of the older post-supported styles, using slim surface-mounting in place of the traditional extensive footing, which is designed for ease of installation for both professional builders and DIY-ing homeowners.

Balconette’s CEO, Effi Wolff, who also pulls double duty as a company designer, stated that the design was the company’s efforts to solve long-standing issues with current balustrade designs. Namely, that the old, post-supported systems were cheap and easy to install, but sacrificed the view of the significantly more expensive frameless style. He states that the HYBRID class makes wide open glass balustrade on decking possible, at a price range not straying too far from the older system, all whilst retaining the ease of installation builders and DIY-ers appreciate.

The HYBRID system comes available with two handrail styles: Orbit, which possesses a circular profile and allows for 3.3m runs before needing a post, and Aerofoil, which allows for runs up to 4m without posts. Included with either style are glass panels consisting of 10mm thick, hardened glass, available in a number of tint options including clear, blue, grey, and even opaque.

Post Author: gerardksmith