Data Centers Might Have Embedded FPGA Soon

If there is one thing managers of data centers are aiming for, it is to have a facility that can be reconfigured easily and can be programmed with ease. This is quite a challenge when using the old PC because the hardware required replacement in order to meet the growing demands and the changing protocols as well as standards. This is part of the reason why embedded PC is starting to gain more popularity.

Up until this day, it is not possible to reconfigure and if there are any changes in the protocol then the operator of the data center is required to change all the chips they are using within the facility. These problems are no longer a limitation since the introduction of embedded FPGA or eFPGA.

With the help of the technology, the chips can be reconfigured even after installation. Not to mention the fact that it helps improve the performance of the processor between 40 and 100 times. Currently, eFPGAs are being manufactured by leaders in the industry including Hiper Consortium, Darpa, Sandia Labs, Harvard and SiFive.

The most surprising fact is that majority of people have no idea regarding eFPGA and its difference when compared to the original FPGAs including standalone models developed by Altera and Xilinx. The fact is that the two models are very unlike one another that they can be compared or pitted against each other.

Basically, eFPGA is an IP block that gives the FPGA the ability to combine with SoC and other types of integrated circuit. The technology is quite new but the concept of transforming chips and making them into IP blocks is already an old notion. This is in the same field as the PLLs, RAM, processors and serdes wherein they became IP blocks after being introduced as standalone chips.

Customers of the data centers have been asking for this solution for a long time because they need the capacity to reconfigure. Now, data centers will be able to compete with the rest of the industry because of embedded PC and other latest technology that makes operation a breeze.

Post Author: gerardksmith