Charlie Mullins, Founder Of Pimlico Plumbers, Is UK’s First Millionaire Plumber

Charlie Mullins Founder Of Pimlico Plumbers Is UKs First Millionaire PlumberAmong the many young plumbers, Charlie Mullins has been a plumber ever since he left school at 15-years of age and he had first founded Pimlico Plumbers in the year 1979. Now, after 30 years of Pimlico Plumbers and 35 years in the plumbing industry, the London-based company is now the biggest independent plumbing company in the capital with 260 active employees and a reported ₤24 million turnover.

Back in 2014, Charlie was awarded an OBE for his services and contributions to plumbing. He has become a known campaigner for apprenticeships that are funded by the state and was also featured in a number of TV documentaries like Show Me Your Money, The Secret Millionaire and as a judge on Young Plumbers of the Year.

Now that he has been in the plumbing industry for 35 years, Charlie is considered as a driving force in cleaning up their industry.

He said that technology is not the only thing that has affected the world of plumbing and that the question that should be asked is not how the plumbing industry had changed, but what had they done to change the industry over the years.

Charlie also admitted that plumbers back then did not have a good reputation and that people feared calling for plumbers whenever they needed help. That is why it was important that the cleaning industry is made less messy. He also said that communication with the customer is always important so that the plumber and the customer could agree on what to do and how to handle their situation.

Pimlico has now a total of 28 apprentices with the addition of 12 last year. Their engineers have risen from 120 to 163 with 16 new staff in various areas of the business.

Charlie says that even with a busy schedule, employees could still see him everywhere in their company although he did acknowledge that there were certain changes in the last 8 years.

He had first started his career as an apprentice that is why he feels the need to offer young people various work opportunities. Charlie also said that he has plans that Pimlico has further plans to expand and develop the company.

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