Changes In Kazakh Language Schools

As the economy in China continues to grow and shows its influence, more and more language schools in Kazakhstan are changing from the English language to teaching Chinese instead. This is true in the Almaty language school where a group of students are busy learning Chinese. According to one of the students whose 33 years […]

2015: A Good Year for US Economy

According to an article of CNBC, the US economy is going to crawl its way back to the top of the pyramid in the year 2015. A group of business economists is forecasting an advance of 3.1% in the GDP coming from a 2.2% expansion this current year 2014. It is also predicted by the […]

Income Inequality Shown Through A Parody

A video parody on YouTube which is based on “My Little Pony” explains the harsh reality of income inequality Ponyland may be all rainbows and fun but a video uploaded on YouTube which was based on the 1980 cartoon episode of “My Little Pony” shows how different the real world is. In the real My […]