Cremation Outnumbers The Traditional Burial In The United States

For the last few decades, crematoriums only received occasional use because 95% Americans still prefer the age-old tradition of burying their dead. However, in the 1960’s everything changed because cremations suddenly outnumbered burials. Instead of paying their respects in the graveyard, people gather at the columbarium. Beinhauer Funeral Home has the 2nd oldest crematory in […]

Hiring Tips For An Illustrated Map Maker

Using an Illustrated Map has several benefits especially if you are going to visit an unfamiliar place. Aside from personal maps, there are types of maps that are particularly useful in certain areas such as academic institutions, resorts and hotels, theme parks, development maps including architectural or engineering projects. These are called specialized maps since […]

Mammoth Resorts Purchased By Aspen Partnership

A company’s website is its online persona, representing it to the world on the internet.  A site will no doubt show a level of quality ascertaining to the company, in this case, a ski resort it represents. So when something big happens to a company, no doubt even the site is to follow. With […]

Yang Kee Logistics Acquires Axima To Boost Global Presence

Axima, an Australian-based freight management firm has been recently acquired by Yang Kee Logistics to drive the future growth of its freight business in the more developed countries that include Australia, China and United States. The acquisition of Axima was completed through the support and partnership with International Enterprise (IE) Singapore. It is expected that […]

Thailand Economy Will Maintain Growth In Spite Of Global Uncertainties

According to a prediction from a securities firm, the Stock Exchange of Thailand’ benchmark index will be swinging between 1,550 and 1,600 points this month amidst expectations that the US Federal Reserve will increase its key interest rates. According to Apple Wealth Securities’ deputing managing director for research Apichai Raomanachai, Thailand’s economy is still maintaining […]

Bodog Expanding To Central And South America

An announcement was recently made by the affiliate marketing partner of Bodog, Betting Partners. According to Betting Partners, Bodog will soon be available in the Latin American market. With this, online gambles in various countries within Central and South America will soon be able to access the Bodog brand. This news is quite the opposite […]