Five Useful Tips To Hire The Best Interior Designer For Your Home Renovation Or Improvement

The most challenging task after buying a new home is to hire the best interior designer, who can turn your ideas into reality. The interior designer should be qualified and experienced and must be willing to listen to you and discuss all the aspects of design. Bangkok has a number of options when it comes […]

Aussie Government Commits To Making All Packaging In The Country Recyclable

Australia’s Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg have just set a new goal for the country, one that will affect Australia and Adelaide Packaging Supplies; a bold step for the country and its packaging industry. The Environment Minister set the target that all of the country’s packaging will either be reusable or recyclable by the year 2025, […]

Marc Hill’s Coffee Shop And African American-Inspired Bookstore

People who have a vast collection of novels whether fiction, action or historical requires solid oak bookcases as protection against damages. It is very easy for book pages to be torn or crumpled when they are not stored properly. Aside from the books, the bookcase can serve as a place to display accent pieces and […]

Blending The Indoors And Outdoors In The Middle East Through Glass

UAE-based Al Ghurair Construction has made a commitment with Sky-Frame, a Swiss-based producer of frameless glass sliding doors and window systems to become the exclusive supplier for innovative seamless glass solutions in the Middle East. Sky-Frame’s unique glass products have earned awards for the company since its inception making it the go-to name for design-oriented […]

Things You Need To Know About Aluminium Extrusion

The technique of transforming aluminium alloy into certain objects of definitive cross-sectional profile for various purposes is called aluminium extrusion. The process of extrusion is the result of the combination of aluminium’s malleability, density and stiffness from its steel properties. Thus, you get a product that can be easily cast and machined without compromising its […]