Industry Insight Into Drug Rehabilitation Industry

The drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry includes all the clinics and rehabilitation centers with experienced and qualified medical personnel that provide various inpatient and outpatient treatments, related to diagnosing and treating of all types of substance, drug and alcohol addiction.  The industry provides services like diagnosis of symptoms, detoxification programs, intensive inpatient and outpatient services […]

Forrester Ranks US’ Cloud Vendors For Healthcare

Forrester Research, a market research company in the US that focuses on the technology market and its submarkets, recently released a Q3 2017 market analysis, which analyzes and ranks the strongest cloud computing healthcare vendors in the country, with Salesforce, Kinvey, CloudMine, IBM and Microsoft clocking in the highest numbers according to the report. Forrester […]

Senate Looks Into Laser Eye Surgery Claims

Lasik eye surgery Glasgow has been put under fire as the Philippine Senate blue ribbon committee held a hearing concerning suspicions of bad operation procedures and fraudulent claims upon the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth). Romeo Fernando, a PhilHealth member was reported by Dr. Robert So, vice president for internal audit of PhilHealth, to have […]

Resolve Obesity Even Before It Happens

Obesity can bring you more health problems than you expect. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can save you thousands. Being healthy can give you more satisfaction in life. You will have the freedom to do anything you please. Being fat suppresses your confidence and self-esteem. It hinders you from doing normal physical activities, like bending, running, […]