Corrugated Cardboard Boxes – The Most Recyclable Of Packaging Materials

Paper Mart boxes made from corrugated cardboard sheets has strong consumer demand because it is used for the shipment of products. Corrugated boxes are ideal packaging materials because of their strength and durability in spite of their minimal weight. The rows of air columns act as a cushion to ensure safety from shocks and vibrations. […]

How British Gas Plans To Connect To Boilers Through Innovative Technology

British Gas is a 200-year old utility company that plans to connect to its customers in real time. At present British Gas is capable of telling its customers whether their energy usage has been increasing recently. The utility company wants to further connect to their consumer’s homes by telling them that they have probably left […]

The Impact Of Cheap Prices Of Oil To Energy Companies And Other Businesses

American businesses, even online stores welcome the news of crashing oil prices. Who wouldn’t when it means lower prices for fuel? Savings can be used to buy more consumer goods which will stimulate the economy. This includes transport of these goods from one place to another. Whether, by plane or by land, they would still […]