Businesses Are Cashing In From The Wedding Industry Trends

There is no denying that nowadays weddings mean big buck for businesses. In a study by The Knot in 2017, it was found out that an average couple in the United States spends around $33,000 for their weddings. The figure is even higher in the city of Manhattan where the average wedding spending amount to more than $82,000. These numbers came as a shock to companies of marquee hire in Sydney where wedding rates are more forgivable.

According to Carats & Cake’s CEO, Jess Levin Conroy, those numbers are nothing compared to weddings featured in COVETEUR because those cost a minimum of $100,000 for just a single night of celebration. The truth is that weddings are a fascinating event. We fantasize about this and that during the planning process but when we see the numbers we go back to dreaming something more close to reality.

For Levin Conroy and other business owners, weddings are a great opportunity for them. While Carats & Cake might look like a regular blog showing off weddings in order to become future guides to couples that are planning to get married, they are actually earning a big part of the $100,00 wedding. The company is responsible for providing tools that are used by small and medium business owners in the wedding industry.

Since the launch of the website in 2013, it now houses over 25,000 businesses that are willing to pay for membership and the marketing tools offered bythe website in order for their business to rise higher in the wedding market. Those who are in the VIP level in the website gets to have one-on-one talk with Levin Conroy in terms of business advices. Of course business owners look up to her as she was able to build an empire out of the website.

Carats & Cake is an online marketplace where couples planning to get married can find wedding vendors such as wedding planners, photographer and even properties. Websites such as this help couple when they have no network of wedding businesses. In Australia, it will take a lot of time before they find marquee hire in Sydney that is reliable in the industry and precious time can’t go to waste when it comes to wedding planning.

Post Author: gerardksmith