Bill Gates Reminds Everyone That Mosquitoes Are More Dangerous Than Sharks

Deet has a long track record of safety but people prefer deet free repellent in Australia because they do not want the unpleasant smell of the chemical. More and more people are becoming conscious about chemical-based insect repellents used for pest control. Deet-free products actually work better because they do not have harmful effects on health.

In his GatesNotes blog, Bill Gates has written that mosquitoes kill more people than sharks over the last 100 years. Mosquitoes kill 1,470 people daily while sharks have only managed to kill 1,035 people over the last 100 years. The most common deadly disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes is malaria that kills one child every other minute. Considering all the figures, Bill Gates said that it is 50,000 times more likely for an individual to die from a mosqusito bite than an attack from a shark.

The problem is people who live in unaffected zones do not recognize the seriousness of the threat. This is the reason why Bill Gates launched “Mosquito Week”, a takeoff from Discovery’s “Shark Week” phenomenon that builds awareness and support. It also includes the darkly comical public service announcement that “Nobody Likes Mosquitoes” where the insects kill humans faster than any type of animal, even if people are not really afraid of them. “

“Almost Zero” is a virtual reality film where viewers are encouraged to explore Swaziland, a country that has a hotline similar to 911. People are encouraged to report positive malaria tests to inspire emergency action among communities that generate the results. Because of the system, malaria case has dropped by 90% since 2002. Officials are pushing for a goal of 100% eradication by 2020. As Gates put it, “Jaws is not a serious threat compared to the flying terroristic mosquitoes.”

Serious work has to be done to completely eradicate mosquitoes; meanwhile people are advised to use deet free repellent in Australia because mosquito populations tend to increase when the weather is warm. Everybody welcomes the summer sun but it marks the return of the deadly mosquitoes that can easily wreck havoc in communities. Deet-free repellents are more effective than standard sprays.

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