Bangkok’s Street Food Recommendations From Chef Tony

For those who can afford it, a weekend in the capital of Thailand means Sunday buffet Bangkok but for those on a tight budget the famed street food of the city is more than enough. This is proved by chef Tony who recently visited Bangkok for a food promotion held at the Zega which is a restaurant that serve Asian cuisine. The restaurant is located inside the Sheraton Hyderabad in Gachibowli’s financial district.

Chef Tony’s real name is Tawatchai Ubonsai. He is currently employed at the Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse and he answered the invitation in order to tastes what Bangkok’s street foods can offer. Prior to the invitation, he had already planned to visit the capital city to try the street food but the plan did not push through.

Tony used to be a chemist but he is also a food enthusiast. He then decided to pursue a career in cooking and became a trained chef. The first hotel he worked in to master his craft is located in Zurich. He shared that Thai food was very popular there in Switzerland but the taste is not as authentic as the original because of the ingredients. After working in hotels in Switzerland and Australia, he decided to come back to his hometown Thailand and work in Bangkok which is a food haven.

The country is divided in different prime regions namely North, North East, South and Central. Each of these regions has variations when it comes to food. All of these varying taste come together in Bangkok thus people are drawn to it because from there they can try everything as well as the street food known all the over the globe.

During his promotional lunch, he made sure to try every Bangkok streets food there is including Pad Thai, chicken satay coupled with Thai salad and dip of peanut sauce, spring rolls with prawn filling, steamed calamari served with lime sauce, stir-fried rice noodles which are homemade and lamb curry from the south which comes with kaffir lime. It was more than a Sunday buffet Bangkok for him as he was able to try famous desserts as well such as sweet sticky rice and Thai mango and coated water chestnut with coconut syrup as dipping.

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