Avis Connects Entire Car Fleet

According to a recent announcement from Avis Budget Group, the company has launched its first ever car fleet that are entire connected. The fleet is in Kansas City, Missouri. In Australia, fleet signage in Brisbane is common but this is the first news of a company in the United States that was able to connect its entire fleet.

Avis has a total of 5,000 cars all over Kansas and the fleet will be connected via the internet. The fleet will also be connected to other vehicles and the centralized network of the car rental firm through the help of wireless technology. This is in an attempt to improve the current services provided by the fleet management company.

All the vehicles under the fleet will also be able to share live data with the officials of the Kansas City. This will help improve the traffic flow models that are currently used by the city. The collaboration will also aid in bettering the experiences of the tourists when they hire cars from Avis.

The connected fleet will make it possible for customers of Avis to handle the whole process of renting by using their mobile app alone. The app can also be used by customers when they lock and unlock the doors of the vehicle. If they can’t find the car, they can honk its horn using the smartphone app too.

According to officials from Avis, the main goal of the company is to make its entire fleet located all over the world to be connected when 2020 comes. In the United States alone, the company has around 400,000 vehicles. There are many benefits to a connected fleet such as automating processes that are usually done manually and keeping track of the life cycle of each of the vehicles.

In order to achieve the era of self-driving cars, it is an essential part for all the vehicles to be connected. Avis has already partnered with Waymo which is a self-driving car department under Alphabet Inc. In the case of Australia, it is common for fleet signage in Brisbane to promote brands and companies.

Post Author: gerardksmith