Alcohol And Drug Council To Launch Detox Facility

The opioid crisis is evident in Tompkins County and they are starting to address the problem through a proposal made by the Alcohol and Drug Council. According to their announcement during Senator Chuck Schumer’s press conference, they are planning to build a detox center in the area. This will offer the same services as California top rehab though the methods used for treatment might not be identical.

The announcement came after the release of the Congress’ federal spending bill which allotted a fund $3 billion higher compared to 2017. This is in the hopes of being able to defeat the opioid crisis in the region. The president, Donald Trump, has already taken note of the opioid crisis and considered it as a public health emergency. Many are still waiting for him to publish a declaration that will funnel the money to be used in solving the epidemic.

Angela Sullivan, the executive director of Alcohol and Drug Council, said the proposal states that detox center is going to be open access and it will hold a total of 40 beds. Sullivan echoed Schumer’s sentiment which is to disburse the money as soon as possible so it can be put to work. There is no time to waste as the region is clearly getting worst as the days go by because of the serious drug problem.

She added that the detox center will not come to fruition unless the funds are distributed. The center will be accessible to individuals not just in the county but those residing in Southern Tier as well. At the end, she concluded that the facility will help the neighboring county therefore they need the money as soon as possible to be able to save lives.

According to estimates, the project will cost around $11 million and once completed, around 30 to 40 jobs will be available. The current fund of the Alcohol and Drug Council only stands at $950,000. They are waiting for the funding to start the project and offer what California top rehab offers to their patients with drug addiction.

Post Author: gerardksmith