Aerial Baiting To Be Used On Wild Dogs

The Northern Tablelands may be able to witness a first in pest control which is not something we usually see. In Sydney households , we call for pest control on the North Shore whenever we encounter pests such as spider and rats but wild dogs is a different story altogether. This is why the aerial baiting program was conceived and to be executed in the Northern Tablelands. The wild dogs will be targeted because they are preying on the livestock and damaging the native fauna of the region.

The coordinator of National Wild Dog Management, Greg Mifsud, said that the livestock in the region wil continue to be unsustainable if they do not employ pest animal control like the ones they are currently doing. The program is broad in scale and encouraged by the entire community.

He added that wild dogs are causing so much more than destroying the agricultural produce. They are also the reason why the mental health of the farmers is not doing great and they also negatively affect the small animals that are native to the region.

David Worsley, the wild dog facilitator of Australian Wool Innovation Northern NSW, revealed that wild dogs were able to kill around 3,870 livestock and over 1,000 received mauling. The figure is between the June of years 2015 and 2016.

The number has since decreased because of the use of long-term pest control programs and because of the support coming from the land managers and landholders.

He explained that attacks are already reduced considerably especially in areas where the control program is effective and continues to be implemented.

The problems are now focused on areas where the use of the baiting program is only minimal. As of the moment, around 20 local management plans are already being implemented which ensures that protection is provided in around 400 private properties, forestry lands as well as national parks.

The program is a big help to the livestock production which is the bread and butter of the people living in the Northern Tablelands. This only proved that pest control on the North Shore will be able to eliminate pests as well if they are to use the most effective and long-term method.

Post Author: gerardksmith