Adding Vanity Items To Your Bathroom

Adding Vanity Items To Your BathroomBathroom vanities add a touch of luxury and elegance to a bathroom. These vanities may tend to be pricey but having these personalized musts inside the bathroom will give the owner a sense of belonging and pride.

Below is a list of luxury must haves in the bathroom:

• Automated toilet. This one of a kind fully automated toiled has a touch screen remote control. It can spray, dry and heat you. You can also direct the remote so that the toilet will shine some light for you. And what is more incredible is that it can also play music for you. This automated toilet easily moves up and down at your discretion.

This very sophisticated toilet comes with a preprogrammed motion technology. It enables the toilet to open and close the toilet lid and either raise or lower the seat. You can also customize this equipment for its different functionalities. You can have different water spray pattern, pressure and temperature.

One of the highlights of this new technology is the several cool options for flush. The eco flush button will use .6 gallons of water while the standard flush consumes 1.28 gallons of water. These different flushes are automatically activated depending on the length of time you spend sitting on the toilet seat.

• Steam shower with multiple showerheads. This high end shower is capable of massaging the user with the water gushing out from it. It can mimic a forest rain and it can also give you a steamed up room. One of the designs includes a seating good for two users. This vanity fixture may not save you on your water bill but it will surely cut your private spa bills considerably.

• High technology electronics. Some people want technology to follow them even in the bathroom. You can actually place an ultra thin mirror television inside your bathroom. You can also add speakers so that you can watch your favorite show or movie while doing your private time inside the bathroom.

• Radiant heat floors. If you are in a significantly cold region, then you might want to purchase this for your bathroom floor. Polyethylene tubes are installed in your floor. Hydronic system use hot water coming from a water heater and allows it to circulate through the tubes.

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