3 Qualities Required For Process Documentation

In any business or organizational process, it is important that you document activities in order for you to replicate what works and learn from areas that did not work. A process documentation is important for you to have something to refer to whenever your organization wants to enhance some aspects or eliminate process redundant. It is also important to have somebody who will focus on the documentation of processes for better quality of outputs. Here are some of the qualities for an effective process documenter.

Attention to details

In order for a process to become well documented, the person in-charge for the process should be keen to details. He should be able to capture discussions, exchanges, opinion, feedback and other relevant details about the process. This way, your team or the entire organization will have an accurate data and output for the process.

Listening skills

Another quality that should be possessed by the person handling process documentation is excellent listening skills. A person will find it hard to capture everything if he is easily distracted and cannot focus on the discussion or ongoing process. It would be best if the person handling process documentation to be equipped with the right equipment to record discussions including tools that will facilitate and speed up the processing and development of quality report.

Writing and communication abilities  

Some of the important competencies of a process documenter are writing and communication skills. In order to present the output or the process to the team or even the entire organization, it has to be packaged in a succinct and clear manner. Aside from preparing the output properly, it also has to be presented and explained to the entire time so for it to be appreciated and used for whatever purposes the document may be needed.  For a process documentation to be useful and for it to serve its purpose, it has to be understandable, clear-cut and concise. You can hire external process documenters from expert companies or you can also choose to have some of your personnel trained to do effective process documentation.

Post Author: gerardksmith